The Paris Hotel Where Kim Kardashian Was Robbed

Hôtel de Pourtalès, at 7 Rue Tronchet, where several armed robbers held Kim Kardashian at gunpoint and robbed her of millions of dollars in jewelry. The moral of the story: never flaunt your jewelry on Instagram, and always use the hotel safe. Via Vanity Fair:

The Inside Story of the Kim Kardashian Paris Hotel Heist

After being robbed at gunpoint in a Parisian hotel, the Instagram-loving, paparazzi-friendly star faced a grim reality: her glamorous life was all too easy to track. But there are other reasons Kardashian was such an easy target—and the thieves so elusive.

Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian was robbed The Hôtel de Pourtalès, where Kim Kardashian West was robbed. Celebrities seeking privacy often stay there.

The call came shortly after three A.M. on Monday, October 3, from 36 Quai des Orfèvres, the imposing fortress-like headquarters of the Paris criminal police, overlooking the Left Bank of the Seine River. Founded in 1812, “36,” as it’s commonly called, became the model for crime-busting units worldwide, from Scotland Yard to the F.B.I.

Pre-dawn calls from 36 are not unusual for Paris police chief Christian Sainte, but the one that roused him from his bed early that October morning would prove to be different. “Kim Kardashian, victim of V.M.A.,” said the night officer—V.M.A. meaning vol à main armée, armed robbery.

Conventional time doesn’t exist for the chief of judiciary police in the perpetually roiling city of Paris, France. “I know everything, day and night,” he told me in his expansive office at 36. This was his first interview with foreign media, his press attaché told me, about what the police—and all of Paris—were calling L’Affaire Kardashian or simply “Kim.”

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