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John’s New York Star Maps Digital Map and Guidebook to Celebrity Homes, Hangouts and Hideaways

This is the ONLY star map that gives you the addresses of New York City’s biggest A-list celebrities, and a few has-beens.

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Have you ever wondered where New York’s stars live, work, dine, and hang out? John’s New York Star Maps is your guide to help you locate and observe the elusive celebrity species living, eating and shopping in their natural habitat.

This map contains listings and locations of hundreds of celebrity homes, multi-million dollar condos, luxury penthouses and exclusive mansions. Find their favorite clubs, restaurants and hangouts. Visit famous movie locations, plus find out where you can see some of New York’s many TV shows being taped and broadcast live.

Take one of our walking tours of New York’s great neighborhoods to see some of the world’s most famous celebrity homes, hangouts and hideaways in Soho, Tribeca, The Village, Little Italy the Upper East Side. With this map you are guaranteed to find at least a few of the rich, the famous and the infamous who call this city home.
The most extensive guide ever to New York City’s celebrity homes, hangouts and hideaways

A must have for all celebrity hunters, autograph seekers, TV and movie fans, and anyone who is curious about celebrity real estate and lifestyles
All-star walking tours covering Soho, Tribeca, The Village, Little Italy and the Upper East Side

Also included are these special mini-guides:

  • Celebrity restaurant and nightclub guides

  • Britney Spears Memorial Nightclub Tour

  • The Seinfeld Mini-guide, includes famous locations from the TV show

  • The Sopranos Mini guide

  • Film scene locations

  • Famous Crime Scenes

  • Celebrity Shopping

  • TV Land guide to live TV show locations

John’s New York Star Maps reveals hundreds of celebrity homes, hangouts and hideaways

Get the first map and guide to a billion dollars worth of celebrity homes, hangouts and hideaways…

John’s New York City Star Maps is a comprehensive map and guide which includes walking tours of hundreds of celebrity homes, hotspots, restaurants, TV shows, famous crime scenes and exclusive nightclubs.

John’s Star Maps is the new must-have travel companion for New York City tourists and resident celebrity hunters alike. This is the first complete map and guide to New York’s elite celebrity homes, hangouts and hideaways, an essential item for tourists and residents of New York in search of their favorite celebrity homes, restaurants, TV shows, nightclubs and much more…

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Regular price $10.00,  on sale now for $6.99

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